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Dialogue is sparse and Malick’s storytelling style is elliptical in the extreme.

Rooney mara who is she dating

Needless to say, “Una” is not an easy film to watch, in part because it deals with not just the act of pedophilia (never depicted outright) but also its consequences, exposing the raw wounds still seething long after the inappropriate relationship has ended.

When Una (Rooney Mara, playing a girl every bit as damaged as the one with the dragon tattoo) unzips the creep she never stopped loving (Ben Mendelsohn, a master of moral ambiguity), it’s hard not to imagine a contingent of the audience deciding they’ve seen enough — as occurred at the Telluride Film Festival, where this firecracker had its world premiere. Even without the Lolita angle, it would be a tough sit, focusing on a love affair in which at least one party never stopped caring.

Jason Segel and Robert Redford have been cast in Charlie Mc Dowell‘s “The Discovery,” producers announced Wednesday.

Rooney Mara had previously been cast in the film that is set to begin production in Rhode Island later this month.

To further speculations, Rooney, 31, reportedly skipped out on the Golden Globes last weekend to be with Phoenix, 42.