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Instead, she's brash, aggressive, and in her co-stars' faces at every turn.

It must be bad when she's dishing on someone else's issues!

Clearly, Tami feels that his current situation is nothing but pure karma.

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ESSENCE.com: Looking back, how do you feel about that incident?

JENNIFER WILLIAMS: We filmed that a while ago so I'm somewhat over it.

Matt Gelb is the Phillies beat writer for the Inquirer, the Daily News, and

A graduate of Central Bucks High School West and Syracuse University, he covered the Phillies from 2010 to 2014 with a one-year tour on the Metro desk between baseball assignments.

ESSENCE.com: Eric’s explanation was that he was trying to "cast a demon out of you. JENNIFER: Between his actions and what he's been saying on twitter, I don't really know who he is right now. I feel like he's falling off the deep end, and I'm like, you can't be that bitter about what's going on.