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When the results came in, I felt like jumping in the sky.

Those who scored high on my proposed dopamine scale showed more activity in a major dopamine pathway.

He is, since 1963, Director of the Douglas Aircraft Company, and Member of the National Science Foundation's General Commission on Science, the Federal Government and the Academic Institution.

Libby is a Physical Chemist, and specialist in radiochemistry, particularly hot atom chemistry, tracer techniques, and isotope tracer work.

He has been a Member of the Plowshare Advisory Committee since 1959; a Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow in 1941, 19-1962; a Member of the Advisory Board of the Guggenheim Memorial Founclation, being re-elected in May, 1960, for a further term of four years; a Research Associate of the Carnegie Institute of Washington Geophysical Laboratory from 1954 to 1959.