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That split within the appeals courts could set the stage for review at the US Supreme Court.

Cece told US officials that in 2001 her parents left Albania and that she was forced to live alone.

It is unusual for unmarried women to live alone in Albania outside a protective family group, according to the court record.

These are women who chose to live as men, under an oath of lifelong celibacy, taking on both the freedoms and responsibilities of manhood in a strongly patriarchal society.

It’s an unusual tradition in Albania, and today it’s dying out: the tradition of the sworn virgin.

‘The girl asked the defendant how old he was and he said he was 22. ‘The conversation quickly turned to sex with him asking if she was a virgin. He asked if she would like to have sex with someone.’ The court heard how the defendant, who needed a translator in court, pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity to two counts of attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child. He lived in Albania with his family – his parents and siblings.