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Gluten-free baking can be challenging, but with the right baking methods, it can be fun and easier than you think---especially with Chef Einat Mazor, a master pastry chef specializing in gluten-free baking, and the creator of Butterfly gluten-free flour blends.

In this class, you will prepare gluten-free Italian baked goodies such as: ...

2-Day Intensive Course Do you dream about luscious gluten-free treats that are also free of dairy, eggs and refined sweeteners?

Now you can honor your sweet tooth with expert Pastry Chef Hideyo Yamada’s gluten-free, vegan translations of classic desserts such as tiramisu, clafoutis and macarons. Gluten-free baking is both innovative and delicious when you're working with master Pastry Chef Einat Mazor, who specializes in gluten-free baking and created Butterfly gluten-free flour blends.

All of us would like to have great flavors and textures just like old times---only gluten-free!

So get excited from your baking results again, as we...

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