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UFC president Dana White and Mayweather's team quickly separated the fighters. 26 mega fight in Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena go on sale on July 24. "What the [expletive] wrong with this white boy, you fighting Floyd not me fool," he wrote on Instagram. And when you're done with it, send it on to 50 [Cent]. Somebody stop me from walking around this place like I own it.

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As their respective entourages closed in on the pair, Mayweather was forced to push his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. The duo are on a four-leg promotional tour which ends at Wembley Arena, London, on Friday.

Following that, they'll next come face to face at T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas for their weigh-in and highly anticipated fight in late August.

Mayweather, meanwhile, will be coming out of retirement, and risking his perfect 49–0 record against a relatively inexperienced boxer—albeit one who is also a top-notch MMA brawler—who is still 12 years his junior.

Regardless of the unusual circumstances, the megafight is sure to generate an enormous payout.

Mc Gregor sported a large fur coat with a snake on the back when things finally got started at the Barclays Center. The Irishman repeatedly took the coat off and put it back on, wearing only his loafers and paisley-styled pants.