Dating and marriage in middle ages

(Or perhaps they’re too preoccupied being mad at them.) Those reasons might be true for some wives.But give those mid-life women divorce papers and a new lover or two, and just watch what happens.

I had no desire to date, let alone be in a relationship.

This was years before Tinder, but there were always men on online dating sites who were interested in a fling, especially with a woman who wasn’t eventually going to demand: “Where is our relationship going?

Money is power Being 50, monogamous and in love seems to be the right recipe for a life happily ever after.

But how serious will the commitment be without that piece of paper?

We were sitting on the Little League bench ostensibly to watch our 11-year-olds play, but instead we were doing what we moms typically did — grumble about parenting, aging, work, menopause and marriage. ” “Absolutely,” I answered, nodding my head perhaps too enthusiastically. I was about a year out of a 14-year marriage, and as a 40-something I was extremely interested in sex.