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Pick a strain like XJ13, also called Sex J 13, because it has really reliable aphrodisiac qualities, also Permafrost, Ewok, Pink Pez, those are all great." If you're in the San Francisco area, one new strain creating some market buzz is Sexxpot.

Developed by pot enthusiast Karyn Wagner, the Sexxpot strain has a relatively low amount of THC (14%, compared to other popular strains that are usually 18% to 20%), allowing for a body high without the haziness or confusion of other strains. Smoking, vaping, and edibles all run the risk of being overdone to the point of you just falling asleep or ending up in a mess of late-night munchies and bad TV.

Good strains for sex are ones that maintain mental clarity while giving you a relaxing body high.

"Indica tends to work better in my experience than sativa, but that's a very broad generalization.

That was the case for Joseph, 45, who asked to speak to Moneyish under an alias.