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Hate Crimes Interference with the Exercise of Religious Beliefs & Destruction of Religious Property Human Trafficking Interference with Access to Reproductive Health Care Official Misconduct In the evening hours of July 12, 2008, six members of the Shenandoah Valley, Pennsylvania, High School football team, approached Luis Ramirez in a park and assaulted him. Ramirez with a piece of metal called a "fist pack." Colin Walsh punched Mr. During the beating, the assailants repeatedly yelled racial epithets at Mr.

Ramirez in the face causing him to fall backwards to the ground, hitting his head. Ramirez and told him to leave Shenandoah and "go back to Mexico." As Mr.

In April 2014, Toms administered drugs to a four-year-old boy to allow him and Knight to abuse him. The attacks were carefully planned, with defendants driving hundreds of miles to commit their crimes. Those choices have proved catastrophic for you personally but that is of slight concern when compared with the devastating impact of your actions on the victims and their families.'The material you viewed and the urges you excited in each other were matters of choice for you.

Former SPD Chief Nestor and former SPD Lieutenant Moyer were tried in January 2011, and were convicted of falsifying reports and lying to the FBI, respectively. along with anyone else in your organization"; "I won't waste my time with legal endeavors . RIP [names] who are not the friends of our democracy".

Nestor was sentenced to 13 months in prison and two years of supervised release; Moyer was sentenced to 3 months in prison and one year of supervised release. On October 20, 2010, Johnson pleaded guilty to five counts of interfering/intimidating or attempting to interfere/intimidate the employees of the civil rights organizations to discourage them from aiding Latinos to participate in and enjoy federally protected activities.

The principle of restitution is an integral part of virtually every formal system of criminal justice.

It holds that, whatever else society does to punish its wrongdoers, it should also insure that the criminal is required, if possible, to restorethe victim to his or her prior state of well-being.

Walsh, who had pleaded guilty in April 2009, testified against the other two assailants.