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Find the best places to watch the race including start times, venues and advice on how to get around on the day.

At the bird table – summer is often the quietest season on the table with birds taking advantage of the natural insect food in plentiful supply and later in the season the natural seeds of plants around our reserve.

There is also a chance of Sparrowhawk taking the less wary juveniles off the table.

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Counselors listed here are able to meet your need for remote assistance using phone, email, webcam, or messaging.

E-counselors are just as committed to you and working with you as they would be if you saw them in person.

Falcons catch their prey by conducting incredible swooping dives from above, often striking their target by surprise.

Registration for the 2018 Subaru IRONMAN® Canada triathlon in Whistler is now open!

Your chosen therapist is responsible for the legality and legitimacy of their distance therapy sessions and we recommend you verify compliance with them before beginning any remote session.