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I intended on wearing a pair of black ripped jeans. Will we be seeing the Bad Girl side of Mehgan we all know-–or a different Mehgan? I've grown a lot since will focus on me as an adult including new my entrepreneurial ventures and things that go on in my real life. Anything else you want to share about the show/ what else you are up to these days?

The termination was due to continuous violations of the player-club contract by the Club.

“Angel loved playing for this Club for the last five years, but this season the Club has been consistently violating the terms of the contract and she has lost her trust in Club management,” said Mc Coughtry’s agent Boris Lelchitski.

Brandi reminds Jason that she gave him a “timeframe” to get it together.

But he didn’t want to tell Brandi what he had been up to in order to fix their marriage.

Monty Williams’ wife Ingrid Williams was very involved with the community and charitable activities.