Updating the kln 94 database

It is possible to upgrade from P/N: 069-01034-0101 to P/N: 069-01034-0102 (with DC Roll Steering) via a software update.

The KLN-94 is an update to King's very common KLN-89B IFR-Approach Capable GPS.

updating the kln 94 database-56

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Thus, the second RNAV approach to the same runway is labeled “Y.” Where you have Y and Z approaches to the same runway, usually the Z approach has precision LPV minimums and the Y approach has higher LNAV minimums.

In rare cases, for example at the Nut Tree Airport in Vacaville, Calif., the Y approach is for LPV minimums and the Z approach is for LNAV minimums.” has a full chapter devoted to flying GPS approaches with the Bendix/King KLN 94.

It was done with a new AFMS (approved flight manual supplement) for a KLN94 GPS in a US registered Socata TB20GT aircraft The KLN94 The Honeywell (formerly Bendix-King) KLN94 is a good basic IFR GPS which does everything operationally relevant to flying IFR around Europe.