Intimidating in spanish

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to navigate around every problem Spanish throws at you. I know many native English speakers who can speak awesome Spanish and none of them have a native accent... I'm in the members area every day answering questions and giving specific 1-1 advice.

You see, nothing slows your Spanish down more than "thinking". Now if you do want to "slog it out" the hard way and have all the hours in the day to try and teach yourself from a bunch of random videos on You Tube be my guest but I really doubt you'll get very far. it just doesn't work that way unless you grow up learning the language from childhood and having native speakers in the house. When you're learning new skills your mind needs time to process, sort and file the new information you're feeding it. I want you to succeed, I know it's important to you.

I'll either directly guide you, edit the lessons or create brand new lessons until your Spanish flows. And yes, getting you speaking smoothly using some very complex parts of the Spanish language is not an easy task.