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The application form and information about the supporting documents you need to apply are available online. But that hasn’t stopped some websites from claiming that the process is complicated, confusing, and time-consuming, and offering to do it for you — for a fee.

It’s up to you if you want to pay a company to help you prepare your application for a Social Security number or a card.

No matter whether individuals need to make a legal name change or simply need to make a correction to an already existing Social Security card, the same application form is used.

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But by being careful with your personal information and monitoring credit reports for fraudulent activity, you can limit the misuse.

The SSA lets you apply for an original Social Security number or a replacement Social Security card for free.

There is no fee to update your Social Security card.

The SSA may assign a new Social Security number to you if you are being harassed, abused, or are in grave danger when using the original number, or if you can prove that someone has stolen your number and is using it.

Likewise, the SSA may rule that any of the above materials are insufficient as is, and will also require supplementary proof of identity in order to process the application.