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Keila Hoover is a board certified Family Physician located in the Westchester area of Miami, Florida. She was also quick to perform an allergy test for unrelated symptoms. Doctor left the building in the middle of my appointment !

She has been practicing Family Medicine for almost a decade, both as a private practice as well as completing rounds at various prestigious Miami Hospitals. Hoover always wanted to be a doctor to help treat illnesses of all kinds. The receptionist have me the wrong prescription and they were not able to correct it because the doctor disappeared. She goes out of her way to help you save some cash and not only treats you for your illness but performs any further tests that might help in the long run. One of the things would be her staff; with the exception of three ladies- the lady by the door who takes the appointments and schedules the follow-ups, the one that sits next to her and the lady who draws blood!

If it wasn't because I asked, I'd be filling out forms for no particular reason since they obviously don't check first. I'm an administrative professional and I've never been that way in 15 years! I understand having a ton of patients but she needs to at least do her homework prior to seeing her patients. I'm a new patient and for my follow-up appointment she hardly looked at me, didn't know who I was, and didn't know why I was there! I manage schedules for over 200 employees- I know ALL the names, some faces, but always do my homework prior to talking to them in case I don't know why they go see me!