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To compensate for forced public fronts" people can go "out of bounds in regards to sex, drugs and alcohol", he added.

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The footage has provoked a backlash against authorities, with critics saying the women had not committed a crime and should have been treated as victims of harassment.

Masih Alinejad, who founded the My Stealthy Freedom rights campaign for Iranian women, said the men in the video had undergone a “poor social education” in a system that “instils judgements and discrimination”.

Nor is he likely to be welcomed home with open arms for portraying a religious judge with a taste for sadomasochism who keeps a harem of women scattered across the country's capital.

But he doesn't regret for a second pulling back the veil on sexual hypocrisy and corruption he claims is at the heart of the Islamic Republic in his daring animated feature "Tehran Taboo".

It was not clear how many of the national squad players were born as men or how long they had been playing before their surplus credentials were uncovered.