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They met on Erreway Tour 2004, and from then they were together. Press wrote that they are together, but they denied it. We found out we`re just friends, and that`s all, they said.

In one emission, in 2007, Bordonaba said they broke-up. Bordonaba also said that she is not in argue with other Erreway girl (ex now), Luisana Lopilato.

Camila Bordonaba is third and the youngest child of Juan Carlos and Nora Bordonaba.

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He realizes that he is not in love with his fiancé, Delfina (The bad one ¬¬), when he meets Flor who's working in the Fritzenwalden mansion taking care of the kids.

He can't accept he is in love with her because he is engaged with Delfina, but he is always jealous of the guys Flor is dating and all that (among them, Franco, one of Fede's brothers) this leads to a series of funny and embarrassing events that keep you beside the TV.

Luisana Loreley Lopilato de la Torre Bublé (Buenos Aires, 18 maggio 1987) è un'attrice e modella argentina.

Luisana è nata a Buenos Aires, nel quartiere di Parque Chas ed è cresciuta con il fratello Dario e la sorella Daniela.

The oldest one of the children, Federico, is in charge and his strict education and behavior soon crashes with flor's style, making her to call him 'Freezer'.