Process of liquidating a company dating someone who is hiv positive

The Official Receiver, due to his post, becomes the Provisional Liquidator and continues to act as such until he or another person becomes the Liquidator and is capable of acting as such.

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In collaboration with suitable audit professionals and liquidators, we can also coordinate the dissolution of Maltese companies in a timely manner.

A company shall be dissolved and consequently wound up in the following cases: Liquidation, or dissolution is the procedure for concluding the affairs of a company which is no longer required, or which cannot continue by reason of its insolvency.

The initiation of Liquidation proceedings vary depending on the type of liquidation your company is going through.

To get an ideal about the process of liquidation it is important to understand the different types of liquidation.

A Voluntary Liquidation is decided upon by the shareholders who, at the same time, appoint a liquidator.