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In order to effectively and efficiently carry out the objectives of securities regulation as embedded in the Investments and Securities Act (The Act), the Securities and Exchange Commission (The Commission), has prescribed these Rules and Regulations.

Go Map Man ( is an open web-accessible resource for gene functional annotations in the plant sciences.

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The rebuilding of this esplanade of quay J4 is part of the redevelopment of the surroundings of Fort Saint Jean and its specific refurbishment to house the future Museum of the Civilisations of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Recovering the quay as a large civic square at the end of the port would enable the local population to reappropriate the place within a general strategy for improving the connections between the city and the large autonomous area of the port.

The project provides the whole area with new proportions and breaks with the large scale of the old undifferentiated base, which is softened by defining a central zone —a sandy surface— and, once freed from it, seeking maximum adaptability in the face of all the requirements for use: it is designed to house temporary fairs and/or events of different kinds.

In parallel, routes have been defined framing the central square and leading towards a newly laid out beach area and a walkway-avenue with sea views.

The M60 is the only true orbital motorway in the United Kingdom, as the M25 motorway in London is not, due to the Dartford Crossing being designated the A282.