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(only the highest quality 100% natural oils which carry many aromatherapy benefits)(grown in the USA, a great sustainable crop)(they burn slow and clean)(pesticide free flowers & fallen tree needles add some pretty to look at as the candles burn) I was catching up on some FB conversations in a member group last night. Typically as I share a post or reply to another woman's post I gain some new insights as I type. Positive affirmations might just be the most powerful trick in the self help world.

These affirmations keep you focused and driven on good days.

Audrey uses fresh fir sprigs, but for a more durable wreath you can use again and again, pick up “greens” at your local craft store.

I have seen tutorials that use artificial garland, but Audrey’s method is so much better because she she lays the sprigs flat in the way the horses hair grows down the back and down the face.

And, personally, Russian women are drop dead beautiful.